The inspiration for this project actually comes from our chemistry teacher. One unique piece of advice that he offers all his student's is to actually to do every single homework question timed. What seemed unnecessary at first has actually turned into an invaluable tip for gauging familiarity with content and preparing for time-sensitive situations such as tests. It also has the side-effect of promoting good time management which is always nice.

From experiencing how beneficial this advice was from personal experience we decided to make the ultimate study tool built on our chemistry teacher's advice as well as establishing a more transparent relationship between teachers and students. Our ultimate goal with this project is to reduce study anxiety among students by promoting healthy study habits and making teacher expectations clear through digital feedback and online practice.

What it does

TimeCheck is a web application that allows for teachers to assign students timed question banks for each subject. Each one is relatively short as to encourage daily practice. As mentioned, each question is timed, with a target time of completion also stated so that student's have a good idea of the speed to be able to succeed on a test. After completion student's submit their work as a photo to a teacher who can provide individual feedback on both the validity of the solution as well as problem solving tips. From these questions students are aware of the difficulty of upcoming tests, how quickly they must be able to complete them, and how their teacher will be marking them. Students can also track their progress through graphs and statistics in order to gauge how much studying they may need.

How we built it

TimeCheck's front-end is built on React and styled with the Bulma CSS library. Illustrator was used for all the graphics on the website as well as the logo. HTML canvas was used to provide drawing tools for teachers to mark up student work. For server-side business, the app stores all its data in Firebase real time data base for user info, and in Firebase storage for photos. Users login (either teachers or students) through fire base authentication

Challenges we ran into

  • Obscure bugs with using Parcel with Firebase and React
  • Unfamiliarity with React
  • Too much to implement in too short of a time period

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • Implementing drawing through HTML canvas
  • Completing front-end with limited knowledge of React

What we learned

  • How to implement Firebase Authentication

What's next for TimeCheck

  • Improved UI
  • Smarter and more useful analytics for students (potentially using ML)
  • Video and audio recording (e.g. for oral presentations)
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