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A bus-tracking app designed for HoyaHacks 2016

Credits: Akshay Goel (akshay15@vt.edu) Lucas Conti (lconti97@vt.edu) Dagmawi Yeshiwas (dagmawi@vt.edu)

Never be too late again. A positive change in public service.

Over the years society has had no option but to deal with the strict bus schedules presented to them. Sometimes though, it doesn't always work out with your schedule, not exactly at least. We have now implemented a way to find a middle ground where both passengers and drivers can communicate to deliver a better system.

With TimeCheck, passengers have the opportunity to ping bus drivers if they are one minute away from the bus stop as a bus approaches. This notifies the driver that there is someone close by and gives passengers the opportunity to board before departure, taking advantage of a small window to make a big difference.

Download Now! Available for Android from our website at link

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