Online task tools are really cool. They make it easer to organize yourself and others.. To collaborate and get stuff done.

But they all have one major flaw: You need a thousand clicks to switch between one task and another. You need to open a browser window which can suddenly die, then a tab which can also die out of the blue.

And then every time you get a task done you need to open that window, click that tab, search for the card you were working at and then pray the server will let you do the change.

Not having a task manager in a controller environment is a PITA...

This is where Timeball comes in:

Timeball is a task-based login manager.

In order to get access to your desktop window you must start working on a specific task.

You open a task, you access your desktop.

You finish a task, you log out back to Timeball.

Timeball enhances and dances with your operating system.

Organize your Time. Organize your Life.

Get Timeball at get.timeballapp.com

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