Given the current situation in which many companies find themselves, as a result of the Coronavirus flare-up, it has become apparent that the most optimal manner of adjusting work load is by working from home.

Remote work minimizes the risk of incidental exposure, and many businesses have turned to the online environment – or remote work, as the next best thing to office hours. This is where TimeBack can help.

A coherent work process leads to happy employees. Happy employees lead to good work. Good work generates good products/services. Good products/services equal happy customers. Happy customers result in revenue. Revenue flows towards building an even better business, with even greater work processes & projects.

TimeBack’s purpose is to be the glue that holds this cycle together, ensuring each new task ushers in the same positive end results.

What it does

Introducing TimeBack – an all-inclusive time-task-employee management application

TimeBack represents an efficient, streamlined time-task-employee management app, which enables companies to finish projects on time and within budget, whilst keeping track of assignment progress.

How it can help?

  1. Time is one of the easiest things to lose. When do we clock in and when can we take breaks? How long before we clock out and how much overtime do we have? Featuring a duration tracking system, with integrated timers, Time Back enables employees to follow each task in great detail, from start to finish. It can track who punched in, when and whether they added an event alongside their punch-in.

  2. It’s nice having a clear overview of projects and work activities, being able to see who’s going on vacation, who’s coming back and who’s issuing requests. You know what’s nicer? Sharing that overview! We’ve designed Time Back to facilitate an almost equal level of access to both managers and employees, avoiding those frustrating moments when people are left out. What’s more, TimeBack’s calendar allows daily customization of tasks, enabling everyone to know what you’re up to, step by step.

  3. Tracking tasks manually, via CSV or Excel files? TimeBack brings teams together, providing a digitalized platform through which they can input any task or project adjustments.

  4. You know what they say, two’s company, three’s a crowd. Today’s businesses oftentimes work under a highly functional open relationship, whereby their projects are done together with a second or even a third party. TimeBack acknowledges this and offers users the option of providing their partners with task/project view-only or even editing accounts.

  5. Sharing, caring and securing. Data security has become a focal point for most businesses in the 21st century, especially since a few GDPR-inducing events in recent years. As a result, TimeBack's design features a 3-level security system: storage-level, application-level and network-level security, to ensure data is well-protected.

How we built TimeBack?

Our team began working on a solution that companies of all sizes, from start-ups to corporations, might find appealing. We knew that if a company wants to be par for the course with its yearly projections, it has to have a good time, task and employee management tool.

We wanted something sleek, lean and intuitive. Having surveyed hundreds of other software applications, we’ve found some very good best practice examples on the one hand, and some less than satisfactory choices, on the other. Our aim was to build a user-friendly, responsive interface, which allows both the employer and the employee to quickly navigate through scores of menus with information, at the touch of a finger.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

After many sleepless nights, restless weekends, we managed to recently make TimeBack available to general public.

What's next for TimeBack - Quite a few more cool features

Our app is constantly developing and improving. Besides continuous development based on our early adopters feedback, we have ambitious plans ahead:

  • Optimize process flows with additional collaboration features and more real time updates
  • Add support for popular project management methodologies (Kanban, Agile and others)
  • Enhance TimeBack with employee engagement features
  • Plan integrations with 3rd party solutions complementing our services
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