According to past surveys on the applications of the Alexa Assistant, two very often used functions are getting time and weather. Imagine you are going out, you need to know both when and how. Then why don't we try to combine these two together?

What it does

Simply asking for time or weather is easy. But this skill combines these two together so that you can save some time only required to ask once.

How to use

  1. Start time and weather
  2. For Nashville(or other city in US)

How I built it

  1. Using some libs to get timezone for the city, and then get the local time of it;
  2. Using OpenWeatherMap API for acquiring weather data for a certain city.

Challenges I ran into

Incorperating different sources of information together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Combinatorial is a simple ideology. But combining two highly combined can really make a change.

What's next for TimeAndWeather

More active form of displaying results. Support for more forms of input. Also, currently it only supports cities in US.

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