The inspiration of making time travel was to help university and college students be more prepared in showing up to classes, activities, and jobs on time. We wanted to help students improve in being more prompt to their appointments. Inspired by Google Calendar’s event alert system and the popular to-do list app Habitica’s list-like format, we wanted to create this app for students to be more aware of their time management when travelling to their destinations. We hope to give the users a better sense of understanding of how long it may take to travel to certain areas, because often times students under-estimate the amount of time they need to travel to their destination.

What it does

Time Traveler allows users to add an event to their daily calendar in the app. In the event, users can add the event name, start time, end time, location address, description, and a choice to set an alert a certain amount of time before the event. The user can also set for automatic reminds that inform the user how long it will take the user to get to their destination from their current spot. With this app, users can better improve their time management when deciding to leave for their travels.

How I built it

We built the back end and front end using Android studio, coding in java. We used a google maps API to track how far the distance of where a user’s destination’s location was from the user’s current spot. We also created assets for the UI using digital art programs, such as Ibis Paint and Krita.

Challenges I ran into

Although our team had an understanding of how to create UI/UX design and code backend, one of our greatest challenges was trying to implement the backend code to be compatible with our front end design. It was difficult because it was our first time using android studio -- and for some, coding java itself -- and we had to learn how to code these aspects as we worked. Although we did not get to learn as much as we hoped to within this allotted time frame, we were able to implement many features that we could not do before the weekend started.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud that we were able to create a working version of our program in our first time using android studio!

What I learned

We were all working towards a goal in the project, but realized the things we were working on never really connected with each other. We reflected that a better way for us to make a more efficient UI is to learn how to delegate the work while also working on parts that we can incrementally integrate together. With proper communication, we can reduce the number of errors and can finish much more tasks.

What's next for Time Travel

In the future, we hope to implement a whole month view of the events. We also hope to allow the user to color code each event of whatever color of their choosing.

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