What inspired us: There are so many time track applications, but most of them have an excess of functionalities, which makes them somewhat complex to use. Actually, we only need 20% percent of their overall functionalities in order to have a great time tracking app, that is why we come up with Time-Tracker, the most lightweight time management app that skip the long process of adding tasks and help you live efficiently!

What we learned: How to use React Product development

How we built: Use React for front end and Express for backend

Challenges: We have several goals to achieve at first, however, due to the time limit, we could not deploy our backend server on Heroku and it's not convenient for team members to visit backend. So we have to focus on basic functionalities. We have already built out backend and will link them together in the future for more advanced features so that users will be able to log in and generate analysis of their history time distribution on different tasks.

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