I was inspired by this idea because I felt the need of an easy way to keep tab of my wasted and utilized times. I personally find it hard to track time and I believe this will help in reducing the wastage of time and increase in using time for constructive purposes.

What it does

This skill records your utilized and wasted times and presents to you statistics regarding the same. Further, you have the motivation to contribute to society based on how many hours you utilize. This increases the desire to use time more so that the donation amount increases.

How I built it

I built the server on AWS-Lambda Free Tier architecture. The code is in Python's framework flask-ask . For the database, I used the AWS-DynamoDB Free Tier architecture. To deploy the flask-ask app on AWS-Lambda architecture, I used Zappa framework.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into some challenges due to which I was not able to add in some features of the application. I am new to No-SQL database architecture and it was difficult to understand the working. Also, I found myself struggling a bit with Alexa's inbuilt slot types like AMAZON.Number and it was later clarified by looking into the documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of completing the version 1 of the skill in a very short time because I was busy with my exams and placement activities that I found very little time to develop the skill.

What I learned

I learnt many new technologies. I learnt how to create a AWS-Lambda function. Also I learnt about No-SQL database systems and developed the database using Amazon's DynamoDB. Further, I learnt how to automate the task of creating and updating of lambda function using Zappa's amazing and easy to use commands.

What's next for Time Tracker

Since this is the first version of the app, there is room for a lot of improvement. Apart from the usual bug fixes, I plan to add several features. The mid term goal is to add statistics for daily, weekly and monthly activities for in-depth analysis. Further, these statistics can also be compiled and sent as a report to user's mail id or device for a visual feedback.

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