There are only 24 hours in a day and students have a lot of trouble scheduling task and activities that they need to do. They find that they are spending too much time on other non important things and then end up with little to no time to complete their main important activities/tasks. This program is designed to help with that.

What it does

The user will type in the slots the activity/task and amount of time it would take to complete it. After you click on the “Calculate Remaining Time” button, the program will then display the amount of time left in the day after all of the tasks you have put in have been completed.

How we built it

This program was built using react which is a framework that was developed by Facebook. It is based on JavaScript. Some other technologies that were used were html and css3.

What we learned

I learned the programming techniques to make am interactive program for students to help them track and manage time better.

What's next for Time Tracker

Since this is developed for as a web app, I want to convert it into a mobile application. I also want to add more features to the app like adding a schdule for other days or saving the schedule to a database.

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