I was inspired by Reels videos of people dancing or doing acrobatics and wanted to create an easy to use and entertaining effect for them to apply to their videos.

What it does

A series of snapshots (neon silhouettes of the person) are created at a set interval and the images are placed in relation to a plane tracker so that the snapshots appear to stand at a fixed position in space even when the camera is moving.

How I built it

I used segmentation features of Spark AR Studio to cut out the outline of the person in the camera image. I used Render passes to create a series of snapshots of the person. I then used the plane tracker to create a 3d coordinate system in which to place the snapshots. I used a hit test to fix the snapshot images to a point on the tracked plane and did my own calculations to place, scale and rotate the snapshots to match the person moving.

Challenges I ran into

It was quite hard to test the effect myself as the effect uses the rear camera and a part of the effect comes from the device not being fixed on a tripod but I managed to do some tests using a mirror. However the final test only came when I filmed my model doing the acrobatics you see in the video.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I may have taken a roundabout approach as I am no expert in 3d calculations but I managed to calculate the camera frustum in order to place and scale the neon silhouettes in 3d space. That was the first time I've tried this and I did many tests step by step to ensure my calculations were correct.

What I learned

I've learned quite a few things relating to scripting and asynchronous vs synchronous execution.

What's next for Move It

I am looking forward to releasing it on Instagram and see what people do with it.

Built With

  • sparkarstudio
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