This project aims at solving the overcrowding of public places applying the principles of social distancing to ensure people’s safety as they practice their outdoor activities in places like malls, gyms, clinics, restaurants and etc. Inspiration: Spending the rest of our lives indoors is not a real reasonable solution to keep ourselves healthy during the current global pandemic especially on the long run, therefore, the need to feel safe and secure while we are outside in places that are usually crowded arises. And since technology comes among one of the most helpful tools to ensure safety, this application is going to make you know when the place is ready to welcome you without putting your health at stake! How it works: By choosing the place you want to go to and the time of your visit the app shows you the availability of the bookings for the chosen place and time, and in case your preferences were not met you will be recommended to either change the time of your visit or change your destination to the nearest place which offers you the same service but with a safer experience. The availability of booking a ticket depends upon the number of people existing in a certain area. This undoubtedly is going to limit the potential infections due to overcrowding, and subsequently allows users to enjoy their stay in a certain place safely.

An extra feature that is going to ensure an equal chance of visiting the place to everyone is that the place owner/operator is going to allow users a limited number of visits to the target place throughout the week. This is surely going to prevent customers and visitors from using the different services of facilities exclusively yet achieve economic balance to business owners.

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