In designing this project, we were inspired by what we saw as a lack of action on the parts of our political leaders regarding the most pressing issue of our generation, climate change. We also derived some inspiration for this project from what we see as a need to generate interest in the fields of geology, earth science, ecology, and environmental science.

This project presents a geo-chronological timeline of the Earth that begins with our planet's formation and ends with what we perceive as our planet's inevitable future demise.

We designed this project using HTML5 and CSS. We used CSS to format the timeline and place the buttons. In addition, we used HTML tags such as the button and table tags to enhance the user experience of our website.

Styling the buttons on our timeline was quite difficult for our team. In addition, formatting the homepage and ensuring that the components were in exactly the right position.

We are exceedingly proud of our ability to code seven websites in such a short time span, especially considering that we are both beginners.

While one team member had a little background experience in HTML and CSS, the other was a novice. By the end, both of us knew how to use HTML and CSS proficiently.

We hope to be able to expand the impact of our website and expand its user-friendliness by including animations.

Our project relates to time because we describe the timeline of Earth and how its time will soon come to an end if climate change is not solved.

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