After hearing that the current system deployed at a local high school for detentions was way too complicated, we made took it upon ourselves to create a paperless system to store detentions for school records without the complicated hassle the current system provides. The hack is intended to make entering data fast and efficient to reduce the workload on the detention supervisor.

What it does

Our hack provides an easy log in sheet for the detention supervisor to submit to the database quickly to prevent errors from lost papers and other human error.

How we built it

Time Out was created using Angular 1, Node.JS, and Pug for a seamless and easy to use system that can be implemented into any school system fast and efficiently.

Challenges we ran into

Asynchronous programming mostly, usual Angular issues, nothing we couldn't handle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a system that can efficiently track time for multiple inputs while also creating a system that can be used flexibly for any job!

What we learned

We learned how to hook up node.js to angular, we learned to implement a MEAN stack and we learned the difficulties of integrating the front end framework, the back end node app and the database layer.

What's next for Time Out

The next steps for Time Out is to add the ability to track the student's records including amount of days inputted, how often the student is inputted and an adjustable occurrence system that can decide the amount of time inputted depending on the reasoning.

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