Even as undergrad students majoring in Computer Science, we feel that we are always are too into coding that we stay in front of the screen for hours without taking a rest

What it does

This desktop program tracks users' faces to monitor their working pattern. It encourages users to take rests regularly. The user can set up their own working schedule and the program is able to see whether the user is working and whether they work in a healthy way

Challenges we ran into

Everything is a brand new experience for all of us. Literally everything. It's the first time to use Python, the first time to use API, the first time to work in a group, and the first time to attend Hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to use multi-media to process data, to interact with user in multiple ways and finally to exhibit data graphically

What we learned

Team cooperation is definitely the most important lesson during the Hackathon! We also learned Python, API, wxPython, and much more!

What's next for !overworked

Of course more functions are on the way! We plan to add emotion/motion analysis, daily working report, make a website to store data, enable exercise functionalities, etc

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