People tend to suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder in our contemporary world condition, which is surrounded by pandemic and war crises (PTSD). To contribute to society, we often donate money, food, or clothing, but we seldom consider contributing the most crucial component of our lives, namely "TIME." This prompted us to introduce the notion of "Donate Your Time.”

What it does

TIME NEED is a gateway that facilitates the connecting of a "Time Donor" and a "Time Needer." As a donor or a counselor, you may share your knowledge and help people overcome their issues by attending a planned session or organizing your own. As a needy person, you can attend scheduled sessions led by a donor or a counselor, and you can also request an individual session for further assistance.

How we built it

The platform denotes a website that comprises of following multiple integrations:

  • The frontend app is built in NextJS and serves Contentstack content.
  • Cloudinary is used to integrate all materials such as photographs and videos.
  • Algolia is used to index, search for, and filter all assets and material for "Articles and Videos."
  • We have integrated Uniform for personalizing material, which includes banners, so that info may be shown based on the user, such as a counselor or a donor.
  • We used Zoom to schedule and join calls for donors and recipients.
  • The source code has been posted to GitHub, and the code has been published to Netlify.

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to go deep into and integrate in-house Zoom APIs for scheduling and joining session calls because of time constraints. We also switched from Server Side Rendering to Static Site Generation due to code deployment difficulties on Netlify.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After several brainstorming sessions, we decided to implement the concept of having donors, counselors, volunteers, and end-users in need of assistance all in one app so that those who want to donate their time can help users and those in need can quickly get connected with available donors and counselors.

What we learned

We learned several integrations such as Algolia, Uniform, Cloudinary, and Zoom. We also learned how to deploy the content on Netlify.

What's next for TIME २ NEED

To implement the User Authentication and having own profile page where a user can see all his scheduled meetings and upcoming request from other users can be managed.

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