How does this place look in December? What's the weather? Typical trip planning questions. This app answers these questions and brings historical photos and weather together, helping with planning.

You can select a month, and use the map to view places of interest.

How I built it

It consists of API and client. API is a Spring Boot application. It communicates with several 3rd-party APIs, sorts the data, and provides it to the client. I used and on OpenShift. Client is a static React app and uses Mapbox GL JS for data rendering.

Challenges I ran into

Actually, It was quite easy to start with a sample Spring Boot application and OpenShift. I didn't have issues. It works well with Bitbucket Pipelines and deploys master from a private repository. On the other hand, I couldn't find a simple way to deploy static assets to OpenShift, so I had to use AWS S3/CloudFlare.

Built With

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