Nobody thinks they have time for meal prep, but they do

What it does

Proves a meal prep plan that works within the schedule input by the user.

Will take previously made ingredients into account to enhance the food experience whenever possible.

As an example, if the user indicates that they have 60 minutes to work on food on sunday, but only 15 minutes to work on food on the weekdays, the program will likely have the user prepare a large amount of base dish on sunday, and make small modifications to it throughout the week, so that they can have a different dish each day without spending time they don't have.

How I built it

rust backend, JS front end

Challenges I ran into

Debugging both the front and back end at the same time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

that it works

What I learned

simple projects are good

What's next for Time for Food

User accounts, dietary preference

Built With

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