About a year ago I had a doctor appointment for a regular check-up. When I got there I had to wait for more than an hour, but the doctor's appointment only took 15 minutes. This inspired me to create Time Flex, an app built to erase wait time.

What it does

Time Flex allows the user to join a group, find the time that fits them and then check-in. This removes the annoying receptionists that you had to talk to in order to make an appointment as well as the time trouble that occurs when a person takes more time than expected. Time Track version 2 (coming soon) will allow time to be added to each person that is affected by the unexpected time delay.

Time Track version 2 (coming soon) example:

  1. I have a doctors appointment at 11 PM.

  2. Someone before me has an appointment at 10 PM.

  3. The person before me takes a hour to finish his appointment -> When the current time hits my time, it will update my time by adding the number of minutes. This will let the other people checked in to see the new time in which they have to come in.

How I built it

I wrote Time Flex in Xcode using the language Swift 3. I relied heavily on Firebase to store images and other data types such as users accounts, groups joined/ created, and differentiation between owners and joiners. I used GitHub to save the current version of my app just in case there is something wrong later on. I also used external APIs such as Kingfisher, SCLAlertView, Eureka, and DateTimePicker for their easy use and UX design.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges that I ran into include the introduction of an asynchronous database(Firebase) and the introduction to my first object-oriented language in which I had to create a big project like Time Flex. I also had some challenges involving implementing "time" in my app. Originally I developed an algorithm that would create a list of times based on the start time, end time, and the interval per minute, however since I was crunched on time and the algorithm had lots of bugs, I decided to use Apple's TimeInterval library which I thankfully discovered.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of creating a functional application that will hopefully help people save time. I am also proud of shipping my app to the app store with my core features finished.

What I learned

I've learned the process of creating a product from an idea as well as how to make and ship an iOS app to the app store. I also learned that although you might run into problems when creating an app, never take the shortcut, because later on, it will make things a lot more difficult.

What's next for Time Flex

Some features that have been cut out of the current version of Time Flex but will return for later versions include calendars, alerts, and automatic time changing if the current time is passing over someone else's appointment time. Aside from that, I hope that doctors offices and other appointment-based events will use my app to make their patients lives easier and happier.

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