This project is based on 4 major innovations:

  • Smart recommendation system selecting important current events (both local & global) for user to comment on.

There are a lot of great diary apps out there to collect memories with notes, photos and videos. But we believe that in order to make user to contribute valuable content the proper incentive system should be put in place. We may get great answers if we ask right question. We may get great personal stories if we give right inspirations. Our app based on knowledge of the user and his diary submission made so far suggest new topics that he or she may want to comment on. Based on user localization app picks important current events and encourage user to give comment on them or describe how they influenced his or her life. This way new generation will be able to see history through the eyes of those who lived it, and better understand their family story knowing the historical context.

App also suggests to add various kind places and stories related with them. It may be about placing your school on a map, writing what was your favorite subject or describing some great story from school times. This way unique map of memories is created and users can be taken on sentimental journeys to see world of their ancestors.

  • Rules. To make it more engaging it's possible for some memories to be unlocked for certain viewers under some conditions. So for instance user may be required to travel to some place to discover family history that happened there, or grandfather can leave a special message that his grandchild will see as soon as he turns 18. So that during your birthday system will give you interesting stories how it was celebrated by your family 40 years ago.

  • Getting support from your ancestors. There are moments in life where we need support. Chances are your grandparents or other relatives lived through similar problems you're experiencing. Use their wisdom and read their stories describing how they managed to overcome big challenge or solve a problem.

Apps also encourages users to describe challenges they have overcome in life and use that as motivation and guidance for next generations !

  • Discover family stories through interactive fun. This is experimental feature that is underdevelopment. You can currently play beta version of the quiz. Our approach is to help you to discover your family heritage in fun interactive way using quiz game. User is able to create questions based on his family photo gallery with simple composer tool but we also work on module that will automatically generate questions based on stories.

We believe that if we truly want to connect generations and interest young audiences in their family history gamification techniques and fun ways can be effective solutions !

Final note

We want to submit app to the story when this final module is completed. iOS version of the app is currently under development.

About us

LogToMobile is small interactive agency based in Poland. We love to create apps and we help to create awesome things for clients all around the world.

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