What it does

Imagine you have your own startup and we give you a solution that saves the money spent on the salary of a secretary who schedules meeting!. Isn't that cool? These days slack is a favorite tool for every team in a working environment for collaborating and working together. AI-secretary gives you a Slack bot which helps you schedule meetings amongst all team members. You can request the bot to schedule a meeting with another team member. The bot then checks for available times from the other member's calendar and returns available times. You can then set up a meeting from the available times if they are still free. Once a meeting is set up, the other member's calendar gets updates. TimeAxis lets you schedule meetings without much hassle and efforts.

How we built it

  • We started by interacting with Slack
  • We then made use of API.AI to get the text features we needed
  • We then used the Google Calendar API to fetch available times
  • And finally, we used the Google Calendar API again to create a new event in the user's calendar.

Challenges we ran into

  • Accessing Google Calendars without authorization from the user
  • Being able to deal with Timezones in ISO Format and our system format

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Able to extract parts of sentences as we require
  • Able to integrate it with Slack

What we learned

  • Node.js
  • Using the Slack API
  • Using API.AI
  • Collaborating as a team
  • Working on something in a new setting ## What's next for Time Axis Able to handle other calendars.
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