One of the sad truths of life is that one must, on occasion, be a productive member of society. For those times when you've got a lot to do and no motivation for it, we've built Time and PUNishment, a chrome extension which allows you to set a timer of productivity. Once time is up, it'll check your search history - and if you've been a lazy bum on time wasting websites, you will be spammed with the rudest of puns. This project uses JavaScript and Twilio; we ran into challenges marrying the chrome activities with the messaging components, but learned a lot about chrome and Twilio's APIs along the way, as well as how to use GitHub. Once we polish the interaction between components, Time and PUNishment will get a database to track user successes and failures over time, ensuring a lifetime of punderful insults and well-earned praise if you're getting things done!

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