Timble is a company with a mission not only to take team productivity to a whole new level, but also to inspire greater self-awareness when it comes to developers work. Dominik and Chris – Timble’s cofounders, have been helping companies around the world save their projects from failure. To make sure their own software house, Inwedo, doesn’t face problems they witnessed elsewhere, they created their very own productivity tool. Timble started with a simple play/stop button, but it spread quickly and new functionalities followed faster than you can say: project management.

What it does

Our beautifully designed time tracker synchronizes with platforms like JIRA, offering all-in-one task management. Timble limits all distractions to a minimum so developers can focus on work. Single button time tracking, friendly interface and features that feel natural to developers make it fun and easy to use. Mobile app allows the users to continue tracking their work everywhere, and on any device. Web extention gives projects managers a full, real-time overview of ongoing projects, so they have all the necessary data to succeed. Timble is time tracking - smarter, to ease planning, performance, and completion of tasks and projects. Watch our animation!

How we built it

First, we created a very basic tool – a play/stop button. Developers used it whenever they were actively coding. They pressed play when working, and pause when they took a little break. We added and synchronized developers’ task lists with JIRA, and made sure each task is super easy to access, edit, and always up to date. Then we thought about project managers, and created a dashboard providing them with clear, real time overviews of teams and projects so they can make informed decisions as early on as possible. And to help managers save time, Timble generates insightful, ready to present timesheets and reports automatically.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part of creating Timble was to enable synchronization across all project management platforms within seconds. As there is also a lot of data involved, making sure that all information is secure and saved was also one of the more demanding aspects. Altogether, establishing cooperation between multiple platforms, operating systems and devices (mobile included), and time providing great user experience at the same time required lots of our time and attention.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re really proud that Timble was chosen to take part in Axel Springer Plug and Play Acceleration Programe, Batch 8. So far, close to 500 people have signed up for our Beta, and we’re getting lots of valuable feedback from users worldwide (love notes included). We’re super excited that our app is received well, and all the insights we get from users help us make it better every day.

What we learned

Planning the project, we did a lot of market research, trying to reach as many groups of potential users and developers as possible. All the conversations and insights we gathered help us turn our experience into a tool that answers to users' actual needs and expectations. The most valuable lesson we took from the process of creating Timble is that the sooner you start, and release your product - even in a very simple form, the better. It's best to create and develop your app further together with the users.

What's next for Timble

Our biggest challenge for now is to make Timble provide personalized feedback to the user about their workstyle, or project status, based on advanced analysis of their recorded data. Timble would be able to point out, for example, that the project is in trouble and running late, or that the user is switching between the tasks a lot, which is not effective. It might even suggest taking a different approach to improve productivity. Using various algorithms and machne learning, we would also like to implement a feature of predicting estimated time of completing a task, even before you start working on it. Other than that, our roadmap includes several integrations with platforms like Asana, Basecamp, or Slack, and we still have plenty of feature ideas to follow. Productivity for the win! ;)

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