Jonathan works at a co-op for a school course. Having a placement downtown allowed him to experience life and many promotions that Toronto had to offer. When Google set up their donut shop to hand out donuts and possibly even a brand new Google Home, Jonathan was one of the first to line up. His luck landed him a Google Home which he uses everyday. However, we really thought a real donut would be better.

What it does

Light up an LED.

How we built it

Uses a Raspberry Pi to run the interactions between the user and the beautiful donut. Supposed to use a speaker to handle the input and output of the donut. Uses python to run scripts to program the lights.

Challenges we ran into

The speaker refused to connect to the Raspberry Pi. The lights didn't all fully light up. Input didn't work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Very questionable.

What we learned

Software hacks are much easier than hardware ones.

What's next for TimBit Home

Use a phone and speaker.

Built With

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