As students, we have the sensation of what it feels like to be stumbling every day because of time wasted. We knew that this was one of the major problems that occurred to almost every single high school and/or college student. This was the beginning of our inspiration for what we are going to do to try to help students in society.

What it does

Our software is Timanager. This software has multiple different aspects that make it different, unique, and non-time consuming program that helps students preserve and manage their time well. It basically asks you for a few things: event name, start time, end time, and importance. After you’ve entered these 4 things, it’ll appear in the calendar saying the time. The calendar is basically a simple schedule showing every event that you need to finish in chronological order, and the importance in color: green, orange, and red.

We purposely make it simple so that it is easy to access your schedule and it will not be time consuming because you don’t have to enter too many requirements.

How we built it

We used python to code this software. In python, we used the pygame module to create graphics. We coded as much as we could from scratch. We coded the user interface, made the images for buttons, and created our own ringtone sounds by ourselves. We used the gimp software to create custom buttons for our program, and the music maker to make our own uplifting ringtones. These were the steps we took to create the code:

  1. we worked on the logic of the organization of the schedule.
  2. we created a graphical user interface using pygame to let the user enter the data and events.
  3. we worked on the notification system, such that, when an event ends, our system notifies you with the music that we created.
  4. we made the user interface more fancier by adding better fonts, colors, backgrounds etc.

Challenges we ran into

Pygame’s user interface was a big challenge that we had to face with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all proud of what we have made. Our schedule could save students so much time and it would also make students more efficient. Not only is it simple and convenient, it is also super easy to understand and easy to access. We are also proud of the code and the process of how the event, time, and importance is stored and moved into calendar and displays everything there. We learned many things and we are very happy to have written this project.

What we learned

We learned many things in this short hackathon, like how to quickly use pygmame to make executable software to make apps, how to use GIMP to make good looking UI for the user to interact with, and how to use Music Maker to make soundtrack that activates when the timers are finished, etc.

What's next for Timanager

We have decided that we will port Timanager for android and iOS. This will have many special integrations like notifications, and more ease of access. For example, we will be able to view the days in the past and what the person has done in the past. We also want to be able to save the calendar and add multiple accounts to the calendar.

Our main goal is to try to make this calendar as efficient and convenient as possible.

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