Teams are the way people collaborate in almost any organization today. Thanks to research we know that what drives positive outcomes in these units is not the skills or productivity of any single individual, but the health of the team as a whole.

Team health and bonding have always been an elusive concept, but the recent abrupt shift to remote work has aggravated many of the existing problems, such as disruption of communication and feeling of isolation.

How do we know how our team is doing when we sit alone at home? Who’s up for a promotion and who needs some extra nice words because they got dumped by their girlfriend?

What it does

Tim the Team Plant is a gamified way to visualize your team’s health. It plugs into the tools your team already uses to communicate and helps you understand how your team is doing. If you as a team score well on parameters such as equal speaking time, speaker rotation and information flow, Tim will thrive. If your team is low on any of the scores, Tim will be sad and give recommendations on how to improve your score and therefore your team health.

How we built it

We built Tim using snap camera to display the plant on any video conferencing call. We used Slackbot to integrate Tim into the messaging app and we built a web dashboard to present Tim's aggregated data based on clojure. The design and prototype was built using Flinto and Sketch.

Challenges we ran into

Displaying the imagine in conferencing calls and collecting the relevant data from the various modes of team communication (video conferencing, chat, email) was a challenge due to the time constraint and limited API capabilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The gamification concept is consistent and we think the plant is a great way to make an abstract concept such as team health tangible for everyone.

What we learned

Based on feedback from Randstad we learned not to rely solely on sentiment analysis or NLP for our tool but rather on discrete scores such as speaker time and rotation.

What's next for Tim the Team Plant

Keep on growing and fertilize a flourishing remote working environment! ;-)

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