In the enterprise, the IT helpdesk has become an indispensable part of business operations. It is playing a critical role in supporting business users with uninterrupted technology services. Without the IT helpdesk, employees would keep running into level 1 general issues that could affect their productivity.

IT Helpdesk efficiency will be being impacted by a plethora of factors. These include:

  1. Escalation support team having to attend to low-value tickets and also being involved in the resolution of basic issues that take a lot of time to answer hence impacting SLAs for severity ‘A’ tickets

  2. Employees approaching IT to support team for trivial issues and subsequently having to wait long hours till the issue gets resolved

  3. To create tickets, employees have to access an external service desk tool, over calls and emails

What it does

This is an ITSM BOT that integrates with any ITSM tool to ease the process of creating and managing request using its AI capablties.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for TIM-TALK

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