TimPlayer: HTML5 Video Player that is an Open Source and beautiful alternative to Vimeo, JWPlayer, VideoJS, Youtube, Wistia

This is a HTML5 Video Player built on top of mediaelement; ready to use with Rails

1) To use the Video player, copy the three folders into the assets directory and replace/merge them with the existing folders

2) Go to layout/application.html.erb and paste the following code within the header

  $(document).ready(function() {
      alwaysShowControls: false,
      videoVolume: 'horizontal',
      features: ['playpause','progress','volume','fullscreen']

3) The following is sample code to paste into body

<video width="640" height="267">
    <source src="http://embed.wistia.com/deliveries/afe41e4a3b366c5599fb17d96c469ad85007e2df/file.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Alt text

Click demo for a live version.

You can also fork the demo app here

Modified and Styled by Timothy Chung

Copyright Timothy Chung

Please feel free to use it for any of your projects

Special thanks to Designmodo for their free UI assets!

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