We study all the time. We wish we did not forget to study, but our memory is not that great. Where do you record your study? Notebook, Evernote, Blog? But none of that has been made for our developers. So we made it. Today-I-Learned UP, TILUP!

What it does

TILUP is a service designed exclusively for developers. Record what you studied. And share it with your friends. Friends can also fork your TIL. It is a community of developers from around the world.

How I built it

Used Nodejs / React in Frontend, Redux for Data-flow. Used Nodejs / Express in Backend, used Mongodb as Database.

Used Circle-Ci for Continuous Deployment

Challenges I ran into

Unify the style of using various JavaScript in our members. To do this, add a Lint check to the CI job to comply with ESLint. Discuss consistent style in Github Review

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

Built the product as OpenSource from the very beginning, and took full advantage of Github Code Review, circleci lint, and build test to maintain the quality of the code.

What I learned

Our team is also a small community that makes products that make up the community. It was our challenge to get this small community working well. In this small community, I learned to communicate with code reviews to maintain a consistent code style. And it utilizes a common test environment (VMware of Circle CI) to enhance the completeness of community communication.

What’s next for TILUP

Function to insert codes that have uploaded to the web from “a single link and range specification.”

Request to correct an error in the other’s memo.

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