TiltShoot was inspired through a desire to both hack hardware and software while having fun with an Oculus Rift.

What it does

TiltShopt's main goal was to have a working game element to be used with an Oculus Rift and accompanying game, which we have accomplished. The short demo accompanying TiltShoot displays the potential of the product as a creator's personal touch to playing shooter games.

How we built it

The gun was designed entirely in Onshape and laser cut using the laser cutter in the maker space. The Arduino was used with an accelerometer to gather data and calculate the gun's angular position. From here, the real magic happens in Unity, where the data from the accelerometer turns into a position for the gun within Unity. Finally, we put together a little demo, showing how the gun shoots and reacts in a shooter game environment to demonstrate the product to its full extent.

Challenges we ran into

We continually changed what hardware we were going to use as we kept hoping to use one set of hardware and being forced to switch to another. As we developed, we encountered a variety of problems with the accelerometer and accurately using the information it gave to relate the gun in-game to the right position. We also dealt with a large amount of code we had never used before (specifically when relating an Arduino to Unity and interfacing with an Oculus Rift), and this was accompanied by unexpected errors that we had to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of our adaptability and improvisation, shown best at the beginning of the Hackathon when our initial idea (which was not TiltShoot) was forced to be scrapped and how we had to develop TiltShoot while constantly iterating and making our ideas work with the materials that were available despite our initial ideas of using different products.

What we learned

The entire team learned about how to integrate an Arduino with Unity as well as exposing members to new ideas that can be accomplished through interaction of the two.

What's next for TiltShoot

TiltShoot hopes to provide an open source platform for other developers to use and enjoy.

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