1. The inspiration of the TILE Games project was to develop an integrated P2E + Advertisement + DAO platform.
  2. To the best of our knowledge, this is to be the first platform of its kind for the Oasis ecosystem.
  3. Since we did not encounter such a system before, our system can also serve as an Oasis-first boilerplate for developer community.
  4. Oasis developers can develop similar GameFi platforms in the future with much shorter life cycles, turning Oasis into a hub of GameFi.
  5. Specifically, it will now be easier for developers to use the Oasis Network to develop new GameFi platforms with built-in advertisement monetization through governance.
  6. In addition to being first proof-of-concept MVP of its kind, the TILE Games platform itself, when many players play, can itself increase the visibility, popularity, and usage of Oasis Protocol, and bring transactional volume to the ROSE token.

What it does

  1. Tile Games (TILE) is a P2E GameFi + Ad + DAO platform.
  2. In the TILE platform, Gamers play casual JavaScript games to earn crypto tokens.
  3. The funding for the token distribution comes from revenues of advertisements, which are submitted by Advertisers (A).
  4. Governors (G) vote for acceptance/rejection of advertisement bids.
  5. The platform is composable; new games can be embedded into the platform through simple snippets.

Process Flow

Assumption: In the current implementation, every Player is also a potential Advertiser. So, these two menus will be displayed to all. Governor menu should displayed only to those connected wallets that have the Governor NFT; however, that feature is not yet implemented.

  1. Player connects the wallet to the platform.
  2. Player plays the games on the platform.
  3. Player converts the Game Credits to TILE tokens at the end of the game.
  4. Player exchanges some of his TILE for ROSE.
  5. Player checks his account page for information on his balance and transaction history.
  6. Advertiser checks his account page for information on his previous advertisement bids.
  7. Advertiser submits new advertisement bid. (Partially implemented)
  8. Governor connects wallet to the platform.
  9. Governor votes on the pending advertisement bid. (Partially implemented)
  10. Advertiser checks and sees the result of voting for his advertisement bid.
  11. Advertiser converts ROSE in his account to TILE (ex: 101 ROSE).
  12. Advertiser purchases the advertisement by paying 100 TILE. (Partially implemented)
  13. New advertisement is displayed on all pages of the platform.
  14. Rewards are distributed to Governors and deposited in the dapp vault. (Partially implemented)


  1. The platform has its native TILE token, which is the token earned by Gamers through game play, and to be distributed as reward to Governors.
  2. In the current implementation of the platform, 1 TILE = 1 ROSE.
  3. The platform can host a practically unlimited number of games, as long as the games interact with the platform using some standard code snippets.
  4. The platform and all its games all run under the Oasis Network.
  5. The only gateway into the system is the ROSE token, both for advertisers and players/moderators. In other words, TILE can be purchased only with ROSE token in the platform and converted only to ROSE.
  6. Being the financial gateway to the platform, usage of ROSE token can be expected to increase.
  7. In the future version of the platform, the Governors (G) will also earn tokens for their role in governance. Another future extension is giving the chance to players with sufficient staked TILE tokens to become Governors, so they can also earn from by governing.
  8. In other words, the planned full model for TILE Games is Play-to-Earn P2E + Play-to-Govern P2G + Govern-to-Earn G2E = P2G2E.

Built-in TILE Games

  1. As a part of the hackathon submission, TILE Games platform includes two original, custom-developed, Oasis-themed, P2E Crypto Games, both developed using JavaScript. So, within this submission, there are actually three projects, a GameFi platform and two P2E games.
  2. The major design requirements for the games were to be playable, bug free, open-source (so that the team can check for security) and that the games contain standard code snippets that are called to interact with the Oasis network through the TILE Games Platform.
  3. The first built-in custom game is Crypto Shooter, where crypto enthusiasts practice their reflex motor skills by catching crypto coins (+1 point each), but avoiding fiat currencies (-1 point each). One of the crypto coins to catch in the game is, of course, ROSE of Oasis Network.
  4. The second built-in custom game is Crypto Cards, where crypto enthusiasts improve their memory by matching card pairs with the same crypto coin logos. One of the crypto coins to match in the game is, of course, ROSE of Oasis Network.
  5. This is the first time, to the best of our knowledge, that a gaming platform is developed with ready Oasis-themed games in it at the moment of submission to a hackathon.
  6. All content in the games (images, icons, music, sound) are provably copyright-granted to one of the team members. Proof documents can be presented upon request.
  7. The platform is designed such that other P2E games, especially open-source JavaScript games, can be added to the platform just by adding certain standard code snippets to interact with the platform.
  8. New games can be submitted by any creator to the Developer Team and then are uploaded.
  9. The platform is composable; in the future, new games can be embedded into the platform through direct uploading of the docker file, zip file or submission of the GitHub repository link and then the approval of the game by the Developer Team.

How we built it

React.js, Next.js, Ethers.js, Ant Design, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, AWS, Solidity, Smart Contracts, Remix, Astah Professional, Vercel

Challenges we ran into

  • Time zone differences was our biggest challenge.
  • On the coding side, there is an issue that needs to be resolved, namely, preventing users to issue TILE tokens for themselves in games and then claiming those tokens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A first-of its kind system, with its smart contracts and other components.

What we learned

Many things!

What's next for TILE Games

Described in detail in the full Documentation under the project's GitHub page.

Built With

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