Hello everyone my name is Henok Getachew and i'm a software engineering graduate and together with my teammate Gurmessa Lemma who is also a software engineering graduate we came up with this idea of building and growing the very beautiful and diverse communities of Ethiopia. here are some facts about ethiopia , we ethiopians are a people with a very diverse and vibrant culture and home to some of the oldest artifacts. but when it comes to infrastructure, it is very recently that we are seeing some improvements in many sectors including infrastructure. even though we has been seeing major improvements in infrastructure, sustained reliability seems to be something we can't accomplish in the near future. there is a constant outage of electricity and water, roads get damaged or filled with water, some Manufacturing companies release their wastes on to the nearest river. all this problems i mentioned are not things that happen once a month but they happen every week or so. sometimes water just switches off for weeks straight and the communities report their problem in person to the community leader after waiting for a day or so with the hope of the problem being solved by the authorities. that's why we wanted to create a platform where the community issues are noticed and a solution is provided in an instant. and thats where we created "Tikuret" a mobile application helping bridge the gap between the communities and their leader/representatives. the name "Tikuret" roughly translates to Focus in away it brings focus to the critical issues in the communities. we not only think of it as a one way communication but also the community leaders can broadcast a message to their community members in the case of some issues which need a certain clarification. this project would be a whole lot difficult if it weren't for facebook's developer tools which will help us reach thousands and thousands of ethiopian facebook users through the deeplink sdk and the sharing sdk, the account sdk is also used to restrict system abuse. with the prize money we can reach all the communities in ethiopia and improve their everyday life. with the recent change in leadership in ethiopia, we have witnessed some changes and we want to be part of that.

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