What Inspired me most about this challenge is to push me learning a new technology. I wanted to learn how smart contract works which I think it is awesome and will have a big demand in industry in future.

What it does

The project helps supplier connect with resellers, manage orders, and simplifies payment for both.

How I built it

I used Java Spring as a back-end along with Firebase for authentication, for front-end I used React along with Formik to handle forms and Hashconnect to connect to local available Hedera wallet through Hashpack chrome extension.

Challenges I ran into

Smart contract was spitting revert error message which I did not have any clue how to debug it, but after researching found out how to decode ABI data. And after decoding it was easy for me to spot the error only on one case where I had a revert error without error message which end up something wrong with data casting which took much time from me to debug and find out.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

  • Learned something new
  • Built project from scratch
  • Built project that enables order, payment between suppliers and resellers.

What I learned

  • Solidity
  • Hedera SDK
  • Authenticating using Hashconnect
  • Decoding ABI

What's next for Tijarammerce B2B Platform

  • Add more features like tracking shipping process
  • Improve UI

Built With

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Private user

Private user posted an update

Just wanted to add when confirming a delivery please enter the code: "test" This code should be sent via email to the reseller or importer after order is shipped, but for testing purposes you can use "test".

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