Graph database transforms a complex web of dynamic data into meaningful relationships to help deliver real-time insight and action. This hackathon inspired me to explore TigerGraph and develop interesting application using it. Streamlit is such a great tool that it gives confidence to non front end developer that they can also build beautiful and interactive UI with few lines of code.

What it does

Movie Recommendation starter kit is used for this hackathon, in which various analytical aspects of the data are showcased with interactive UI using tools such as Graphistry, plotly, pyviz etc.

  • User Statistics : Shows the key information of a user.
  • User Network : Who are the similar people of a user and how many similar movie they have.
  • Recommendation : Recommended movies for a user

How we built it

  • Backend : Installed GSQL queries in TigerGraph database
  • Frontend : Streamlit and Visualizations tools such as Graphistry, Plotly, Pyviz etc Pandas for data transformation

Challenges we ran into

Integration of TigerGraph and Graphistry with Streamlit was little challenging and preparing various interpret-able plots.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got to learn lot about TigerGraph, Graphistry and Streamlit. Happy to submit working application.

What's next for TigerStream

More Exploration - More development

Built With

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