The police get upset when on-campus students call them instead of the campus public safety, but in an emergency, nobody can remember the long, 10-digit public safety phone number. Goal: Giving student who may feel unsafe a discreet way of contacting public safety(respective to their campus) From the data collected, campus police can see what areas to patrol at certain times to best utilize RIT's resources.

What it does

While walking home, hold a button on your phone. The screen goes dark so as to be discrete. Upon release, you are asked whether you are safe. If you select no or haven't selected anything in 10 seconds, the app texts RIT Public Safety your location and that you need help.

How we built it

We used Java for the back-end with a MongoDB database and XML for the front-end.

Challenges we ran into

There was a learning curve for developing an Android application.A lot of time was put into learning the basics. Using MongoDB with Java and Gradle was difficult to figure out and most resources were for Java with Maven. We all have different skill sets, figuring out where people could best use their strengths. This was a larger challenge because prior to the hackathon, we didn’t know each other. The constant interruptions and announcements were fun but distracting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a TON and have an emulator running the app. We did a lot of planning regarding the logistics of the app and what we wanted to se ein a finished product. So, thought we didn't get everything we wanted to done, we learned a lot about what we need to do and advanced towards our goal.

What we learned

We all learned about Android app development, using gradle with Java, and XML. We also learned how to do a hackathon, and with a team!

What's next for TigerSOS

In the future we want to finish implementing the database and add data analytics.

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