we are a group of first year students at princeton who are very interested in bringing computer science to the general public through creating easy to use apps and mobile websites. we were incredibly impressed by the keynote speaker's address and took one piece of her advice to heart\; code for yourself. so many times we try to please others, but forget that we know one user the best--our own self. therefore, we decided to apply our coding skills to address a problem that students encounter on problem everyday when choosing what to eat. the infamous adage claims that we are what we eat. our tool helps students to better navigate the convoluted princeton dining website in order to more easily find their favorite meals on a day to day basis.

What it does

This program parses, interprets, and organizes data from a fossilized website\; princeton dining. it analyzes and structures data, presenting it in a form to the user that is easy to access and understand. this program has effects that reach far broader than just a simple meal companion. rather, this idea of taking unstructured data, structuring it, and presenting it to the user can be used by many other fields, from students to professionals.

How I built it

our team learned python, css, and javascript in order to complete the back-end development of this program using tools such as atom, text edit, terminal, python, genie, and git

Challenges I ran into

our team had minimal experience coding and had to completely learn these languages from scratch as we built this program.

unfortunately, we ran out of time and were not able to fully implement the front end

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we were very proud of ourselves for overcoming frustration with the learning curve when learning how to code in python for the first time, familiarizing ourselves with using git hub, and took unstructured data to structured data.

What I learned

we learned how to parse, manipulate, and create json data.

What's next for TigerMeal

\tiger\meal is our chance as frosh to leave a lasting impact on the princeton community. princeton is an incredible place filled with an incredible cohort of students. we would love to expand this idea and make it a functioning mobile site as well as a mobile application. additionally, we plan to use the data specifically to give users the option to choose favorites and be updated when the location, data, and ideal time of when to get that particular item from the dining hall. dietary restrictions would also be taken into account. finally, a social component can be added which allows students to spontaneously connect with friends over meals. in this way, \tiger\meal would do more than offering students an efficient way to choose when, where, and what they eat to foster healthier lifestyles ; it would bring students together over sharing their favorite meals at princeton.

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