Mental health is a huge concern and pressing issue these days. There's also a need to provide stronger virtual alternatives when in person meetings aren't an option. The goal of this app is to help improve mental health by bringing people together to bond over shared hardships.

What it does

TigerHelp is an online support group web app for the Princeton community. Users can participate in small pods to share struggles and support peers. Our platform offers a live secure, anonymous chat with hate/offensive speech detection to ensure the best possible experience for users with privacy and positivity prioritized.

How we built it

Botdoc api for secure chat, react, express, node, python for ML

Challenges we ran into

The botdoc api took awhile to learn but eventually was able to figure out how to meet all my needs (huge thanks to Rafael!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built this whole thing in <20 hours as a team of 1.

What we learned

How to use the botdoc api, how to get live updates with swr, nginx, etc

What's next for TigerHelp

Building out the sentiment tracker & other helpful visualizations

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