The horrible course selection and searching experience provided in the current Princeton registrar website.

What it does

Select courses based on a query (day, section, professor, title, course code... anything!).

How we built it

Scrap information using python, store as a JSON file. Handle query by a python interpreter. And put it on a website.

Challenges we ran into

We tried our best, but we are still unable to connect the python query handler with the website we built.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are beginners who have almost never touched front-end and web stuff. We are proud of what we've got and the effort we've put into it.

What we learned

Front-end stuff: HTML/CSS How to build a website. How to scrap information from online and store it as JSON.

What's next for TigerCourse

Although we are not able to finish it within the given time, we will work on it as our future project. Our vision is to combine student information with course information, so we can see who else are taking this course and what are those people's emails. We plan to extract information from the TigerBook API. Trust us. The missing thing here is just the front-end stuff.

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