Many college students find finance difficult to understand therefore even more difficult to stay on top of. For many, college is the first taste at becoming financially independent — a shock to say the least. We wanted to create a tool to streamline financial management for Princeton Students.

What it does

It simplifies what once was a stream of numbers and dollar signs, into something that is more interactive and easier for the eyes. Through our innovative program that transforms data into basic shapes, students to professionals in the financial field, people of all backgrounds can now easily digest their financial data. See our GitHub ( to demo the product.

How I built it

With a simple interface and a user-centric design in mind, we implemented the Nessie API given by Capital One to create a Python engine that could transform large numeric data sets into primitive shapes.

Challenges I ran into

We went into this project very optimistically and discovered due to the time constraints, we could not incorporate all the components we wanted to. We had originally wanted to use virtual reality as our client-facing design, but we ultimately decided to use a simple Python frontend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that we were able to produce a finished product as well as a companion informational website (

What I learned

We learned a lot more about financial technology and the power of the Nessie API.

What's next for Tiger Transactions

We would like to create an app that could interact with all major banks. Our next step would be to integrate VR.

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