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We were inspired first by the 20i challenge to look at boring things in our life and hack something fun out of them. That's how we came to organizing chores. We also realized that home organization has been important, with people staying home more due to the pandemic.

What it does

The website gamifies chores within a household. A family leader/guardian/parent starts a family and can then setup a chore structure unique to the family. This means setting up custom chores and rewards that are used to incentivize other family members/children to do their part. They then are able to redeem their points they earn from chores for those rewards. Both parties are able to see chore activity within the family, which smooths the communication process that's typically involved with chores.

How we built it

So we split our team of 4 into 2 frontend and 2 backend developers. From the frontend side, those 2 first created design and general style for all of the pages, after which they split up the pages and created them. While the frontend team worked, the backenders used sample html forms for every page, since they knew that would exist in the final version. So, we just created the mechanics on simple pages, which we later linked with the real frontend pages.

From the technologies we used: 1.) HTML5 2.) CSS3 3.) JS 4.) PhP 5.) MySQL

Challenges we ran into

Communication was tricky between team members we have never met before, collaboration on the same codebase and splitting up the work between backend and frontend web development created a schism in the group.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though we didn't know each other, we still got along and fairly progressed through this project, meeting people and self-set deadlines along the way. We collaborated between the frontend and backend parts of the project and came to a compromise. In less than 24 hours we have been able to come together and build a fully-fledged website that would have probably taken any single one of us a month to make alone. There's still room for improvement and i know if we continue to work together we could make this project something even greater.

What we learned

We learned from each others' experience about new tools, tips and tricks, and as always hackathons serve as a great networking tool so it was fun to meet the people we became friends with overnight to accomplish this goal together. We learned that we're all in this together and that some of us have to make sacrifices for the whole team so that we can all make it (for instance giving up some work for other partners to do, or waking up at 2am due to time discrepancies)

What's next for Tiger Tabs

We started with an idea to turn every day chores into a game of who can get the most points, that way both parents and children can enjoy the app. We still have a couple kinks to iron out and we have a plan to finish the app in the days to come We started with this idea, to make something fun and enjoyable for users, but we are still not 100% done and we are planning to continue working on it in our free time to maybe finish it one day and publish it as web application.

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