We believe the world could be a better place one strong punch at a time.

What it does

It uses sensor data from the MYO armband three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer and three-axis magnetometer to determine when the user makes a fist and throws a punch. We the interface with this data to approximate the average speed of the punch and use Flask to render an easy to understand webpage.

How we built it

We built after many processes of iteration deciding what our tech stack would look like moving on. We then created some wireframes for the web interface and determined the best way of extrapolating the velocity from the known data.

Challenges we ran into

A big challenge was actually determining the velocity of the punch. To do this we had to create a spatial vector an obtain the first andtiderivate of its component in the x-axis, defining the limits of integration as the moment from when the user accelerates a closed fist up to when the fist deaccelerates

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a working product (works every time most* of the time). We might help people become better punchers

What we learned

How to develop web apps using Flask and how to setup a templating system. We also learned how to interface with MYO API and how to build upon it.

What's next for Tiger Fist

Integrate our data into a remake of the boxing game Punch Out!

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