In the beginning, people wrote events down and posted it on the wall. Currently, we are using email to share events information. In the era of new media, spams make us lose our sight of important emails contain events information. Tiger Event is a new media platform allows people to gather information easily.

What it does

It integrates all events information together. And users can add their favorite events to their preferred calendar in one step.

How we built it

Tiger Event is an iOS app built with swift and objective-c. In the backend, a relational database runs on a SQL-server on Google Cloud Platform. A C# restful API is used to connect the iOS app with the relational database.

Challenges we ran into

  • Once we didn't know whether dockerizing the restful API on Compute Engine VM instance or using App Engine. Considering the time limit, we chose to use App Engine.

  • We wanted to allow the user to use Microsoft account or Google account to log in so we had to use two different API's. Microsoft and Google used totally different ways to implement that it took us a while to figure out. They both needed to use AppDelegate.swift and had some conflict, luckily, we solved it before the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • First time setting up Google Cloud Platform
  • We figured out two different ways to post to the database via different API's
  • We have three different approaches to access the calendars
  • We have configured Google and Microsoft Logins
  • We achieve our goal

What we learned

  • We learned to configure Google Calendar API and Microsoft Graph API
  • We learned to use Google Cloud Platform

What's next for Tiger Event

  • Use Machine learning model for a events recommendation system
  • Build a email filter API to export events automatically from email to our system
  • Use Twitter Keywords, like Hashtag to know what the trending events
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