All of us in the group asked the "What's for Dinner" question. It is infuriating that we have to stress ourselves with this single question.

What it does

This app will randomly choose the food that you will eat for dinner! For example, the app will tell you "Pizza." You will then have two options to either say "Love it!" or "Eww!"

Love it! This option will take you to a webpage that will have both the ingredients and steps to create the item, using the pizza example, it will take you to a pizza making website.

Eww! This option will randomly generate another word for the user to view.

How we built it

We built this software with Android Studio. This was our first app, so we looked up a ton of tutorials on Youtube to figure out how we would do essential tasks in the studio such as creating a button or creating a random number generator.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge was the pixel sizing when you display the application on your phone. For example, the display on the virtual phone has different measurements compared to the S7 edge. This provided a small problem to where we could not analyze why the pictures and text were not in the correct places. We resolved this by using a Pixel 3 (John Kimsey's phone) to accurately display the information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an app, even though we had no prior experience!

What we learned

Making an app and learning how it integrates perfectly with any android device minus the pixel measurements.

What's next for Tiger Dining

We would love to add random websites and other food combinations to spice up the variety and add a swipe functionality to mimic tinder for food!

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