The Use Case

Salesforce.com has emerged as the #1 player in the enterprise CRM space over the last few years. Given the explosive growth of smartphones, tablets and acceptance of Bring Your Own Devices, the enterprise is now a Mobile First market.

So, how about using a cross-platform tool such as Titanium to mobilise the Salesforce.com experience. So, here’s presenting TiForce – an app built using Titanium to access Salesforce.com in a mobile friendly manner.

Target Audience

TiForce would be ideal for sales, marketing and finance people who use the Salesforce CRM platform and would like to access it using their smartphones and tablets.

Technology Stack

Built using Titanium Studio, Titanium SDK and Salesforce1 platform REST API, TiForce lets users view, edit and delete the most popular operations such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Leads.

The best part is that since its built using Titanium, the app can be run on multiple platforms with minimal code changes.

Scope & Future Possibilities

TiForce is developed specifically for The Appcelerator Mobile Dev Challenge and is a demonstrator of how easy it is to use Titanium to build powerful apps on the Salesforce1 platform. It currently caters only to standard objects but can be easily extended to work with custom objects as well.

Closing Notes

Code Strong and may the force be with you!

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