Tifo is a cultural trend associated with sports games, in which a crowd shows its support for a particular team by choreographing a visual display over the entire crowd. We thought this was fascinating, and wanted to bring it into the 21st century.

What it does

  • An administrator can import a map of seats, a video to be displayed, and control playback
  • Devices can connect to the server with a given seat number, and the corresponding portion will be displayed

How we built it

Deployed a Node.js instance to GCP, configured admin backend and client frontend, spent hours debugging JavaScript bugs.

Challenges we ran into

Timing. Ensuring multiple devices that receive a start signal at different times (and with different clock offsets) is quite a difficult task, as we discovered. We had to implement several layers of calibration and synchronization to ensure smooth playback across devices.

What's next for Tifo

Next time Tifo is used in Pauley Pavilion, it will be supporting the Bruins!

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