TIFAC stands for Tracking Incidents for Accountability & Care

The purpose of TIFAC is to keep communities safe from and informed on establishments that have participated in -isms or phobic behaviors.

View it here: https://tifac.herokuapp.com/TIFAC/

Technologies Used

  • Languages - HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Databases & Libraries - MongoDB, Mongoose
  • Packages - ejs, express, methodOverride
  • VS Code
  • Disqus


  • Comment Section on Show Page through Disqus

User Stories

Users are able to:

  • View all reported incidents on landing page
  • View all information related to an incident by clicking establishment names
  • Edit reports
  • Delete reports
  • Add comments

Version 2.0

  • Implement Google Maps API
  • Fix date display
  • Fix date population on Edit Page
  • Fix checkbox population on Edit Page
  • Make comment section unique to each report
  • Add user authorization so users can't delete other users reports

Built With

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