Who we are

We are known in the blockchain ecosystem as the team behind Moonlet, Moonlet is a non-custodial digital asset wallet and a node operator for several blockchain networks including Solana, Ethereum, Binance and Terra. Our goal to build an NFT marketplace is something we have been planning and we are excited to join the NFT movement with our platform TIEXO.

What it does

Our main goal is to build a generative NFT art toolbox that helps artists launch large collections. We are offering a new set of tools and simplified processes to make generative NFT art accessible to all artists.

How we built it

Our team of 6 engineers has worked with 12 artists in this initiative to understand what the requirements are to launch large NFT collections. We began by mapping the steps required to build a collection and then defined the end-to-end process. The process was translated into functional features with an easy to use UI that helps artists to rapidly create large collections.

Challenges we ran into

Each collection has its own specific traits and our biggest challenge was perfecting the ‘Compatibility’ feature that helps artists define their own set of rules. For example, there may be occurrences where a hat trait is not compatible with a hair trait, artists are able to decide what happens when that occurs.

One single collection needs many rules and TIEXO makes that easy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our 12 remarkable artists have become part of our team and we succeeded together to build 12 unique collections. The collections are 2D, 3D and Voxel art; 10,000 NFTs per collection. We will celebrate the TIEXO launch by releasing 120,000 NFTs that will become available for Pre Sale and Sale by the end of 2021.

What's next for TIEXO

The current form is just a proof of concept, but in the next period we will extend the tool, our goal is to help artists publish their art without interacting with code or cli.

Short term goals:

  • add a backend component
  • save information about collections in our database
  • let artists add multiple collections and manage them in parallel
  • make an NFT mixer follow attribute compatibility rules
  • an option to update compatibility rules from NFT mixer
  • make generation settings UI more friendly, and add helping texts so artists understand what are doing
  • improve generation algorithm:
    • implement a way to stop the execution
    • add a progress bar on UI
    • ability to run the algorithm in cloud, maybe a server less function
    • ability to run the algorithm multiple times while keeping previously generated NFT
  • improve Preview functionality:
    • add more information about an NFT (attributes info, rarity score, rank)
    • ability to mark an NFT as invalid
  • add export feature, to export the collection for Candy Machine use

Long term goals:

  • improve the tool so the artists can generate NFTs, mint them via Candy Machine
  • live statistics about the collection’s performance to artists
  • launch the mobile app suite (and leverage what we currently build within Moonlet Moonlet.

Where to find us

🌟 Follow us: https://twitter.com/tiexohq

🌟 Visit our website: https://tiexo.com/

🌟 Join our Discord: Coming Soon

🌟 Check our profile: https://www.instagram.com/tiexohq/

Built With

  • googledriveapi
  • nextjs
  • react
  • react-material-ui
+ 64 more
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