Why is online reading so complicated?

When you search the web for an article or for information, the content you need is nestled in the middle of a cluttered page of ads, decorative-but-blocky site headers, share buttons, random videos and a bunch of other articles.

You just want the information. Not the junk.

On top of that, millennials and busy individuals have only so much time to read an article. You need to get to the gist, but what if an article has 4 pages of needless filler? Why can't all pages have a TL;DR function?

Welcome to tidbit.

We serve the most important bit of info, minimalist-style.

tidbit is our Google Chrome Extension that does two things:

  • Summarize page content via natural language processing (NLP).

  • Displays on a minimalist screen for the best reading experience.

Just click on our extension on the page that you want to read and we'll parse it, run it through our server for NLP analysis for topic segmentation, and provide you the most important parts of the text in our context-relevant summary.

We then display it on our minimal design page. Focus on the content, and only the content.

tidbit offers 3 different reading modes: light, dark, and terminal. All follow the minimalist look and are easy to switch to at any time during your tidbit reading experience.

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