TicTechTalk came about as a result of six university students feeling super nervous about developing their technical interview skills. We wanted to practice technical interview questions, however we were interested in brainstorming solutions as a group rather than individually until we felt that we developed enough skills to start taking mock technical interviews. Like pretty much any other group of university students, it was extremely difficult for us to coordinate our schedules in order to find a time that worked for all of us to sit down and collaboratively work together on solving questions. Hence, TicTechTalk came to life.

What it does

TicTechTalk is a live community for developers to brainstorm solutions to interview questions and foster their technical interview skills together. TicTechTalk allows anybody to join the chat room either randomly or based on the category of the interview question being asked. It allows developers to meet each other and feed off of each others' skill sets.

Once ready, TicTechTalk provides a platform for developers to test the skills they have developed and submit their code for review so they can continue improving.

How we built it

We used html and css to create a web-based platform to allow users to practice tech skills

Challenges we ran into

Working with bootstrap was annoying sometimes, and settling on an idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The way the group came together was really inspirational. Everybody worked so well and respected each other's ideas and helped each other complete their individual parts in order to have a wholesome outcome that helped solve a problem for developers searching for jobs by providing a platform where they can practice their interview skills and collaborate with other developers to get helpful feedback

What we learned

We learned Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We also learned how to divide problems into teams and work together to have a whole product at the end.

What's next for #TicTechTalk We would like to keep on building our website and brand.

One thing we would like to implement is a review option where developers can review solutions that people have submitted through the mock interview module.

Another thing would be to have premium options implemented with shopify, where users can get more questions, have a real mock interview with an agent from the company who can give life feedback. Also, users can buy tickets for tech talks and workshops.

Also, we look forward to implementing this in the corporate world, where people who have the same ideas can find each other and work together, thereby creating more exciting ideas where entrepreneurs rise!

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