The motivation behind tickTalk is that we, as NUS students often miss seminars and career talks because we do not check our school emails regularly. We also do not have a platform where we can view them all at once, hence tickTalk was born,

tickTalk serves as a informative webpage where all of the upcoming seminars and career related talks are listed. It allows NUS students to know what event is going on today, tomorrow and this week so that they are able to plan ahead of time to attend these talks. They are also able to choose the events they are interested in by using the sidebar which contains different categories of events.

We built tickTalk using Angular.js and Javascript. The styling was done by using CSS

We were having problem with GitHub due to inexperience. However, we had a reliable tool that came in a form of a flash drive, hence the problem was immediately mitigated. Jokes aside, we managed to handle merge conflicts with relative ease after experimenting.

This is the first time that we are building a website in a team. We were glad that at the end of this hackathon, we have a prototype website.

In the future, we need to automate the progress of getting data from emails and event-related websites so that it will be less taxing on us. We would also want event organizers to subscribe our service so that they can get more outreach and to benefit the NUS student body.

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