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Ticker is a stock prediction platform based on monitoring public data about a company's search prevalence and social media sentiments after end of day trading.

This data is gathered from Google Trends, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a several other sources. People drive stock prices, and they often hint or say what they're going to do the within next day-- so listen to what the public is saying! -- Tickr can use sentiment analysis to guess within 85% accuracy where stock prices for blue chip stocks will go the next day.

How it works

The platform is hosted on IBM's Bluemix platform, which also provides database and sentiment analysis services. The rest of the platform is implemented through various social media api's and Google's prediction api, which creates estimates for the next day stock prices.


Stock analysis platforms aren't only in the realm of large financial firms any more. This has a lot of rough edges, but it shows a lot of potential in the platform!

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